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youngblue's Journal

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Welcome to youngblue; graphics community of aejdude , on_broadway36,fade_out, erinbonnie & citylightsleep.
Here you will find icons, banners and other graphics on various things including celebrities, stock, tv shows, lyrical icons, text icons, and much more.
Also expect to find quizzes and other activities.
youngblue is also open to suggestions on what graphics are made so if you would like to see some graphics on a certain celebrity, tv show stock item etc then simply comment on any graphics post i make with your suggestion/s.

Samples of our work
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

New members are always welcome here at youngblue, and if you like our work and you think you would like to see more of it then feel free to either join or watch the community.
Thanks to minty_peach for my layout. =D
Thanks to Ronie at reversescollide for my override. :)

faded_iconz cutoutnewspaper
pandemoniium imagetoimage
bluewinged_arts icon_supernova mango_tini whisperas color_freakshow pigment_parade dignity_gone joopajoops conspiracyicons hidden_inmyhead saturdaysocials babyv_stillness foolishgames evergreene demanding_love

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1.Credit aejdude or on_broadway36 or fade_out or erinbonnie not youngblue.
2.Don't hotlink.
3.Textless icons aren't bases so don't take to edit/alter etc.
4.Comments are nice; they do make me happy and they don't take long to do. ;)
5.All graphics posted at this community are for LiveJournal use only. :)

Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide